Drive safely and save money up to 35% a year.

Claim your better incentive to drive better rather than when you are stuck with a fixed premium.

Increase the market share of Own Damage [OD] up to 80%

Analyzing the driving pattern identifies the safest driver and retain them by offering better loyalty bonus.

Get your CarePoint loyalty reward points up to 60% for add-on services

Award the loyalty bonus points to benefit Insurance Discounts, along with other value added services.

ICareU supports 24/7 service for e-call or b-call and save lives up to 20%

Fast and correct response reduces severity of injuries by automatically contacting the emergency services or breakdown company pinpointing

We contribute: Nation's Economy and Pollution Control

Monitor how “green” a driver is by measuring the impact of driving behavior leads in decreasing 2% of CO2 emission and 4% of Fuel Consumption.

Theft Recovery 100% and Teen Safety

Live tracking cuts the chances of theft on theft-prone vehicles and stolen vehicle and increasing the likelihood of recovery

What We do

ICareU is an innovative cloud platform to provide an end-to-end Usage Based Insurance Solution to an Indian Motor Insurance Companies to adopt and implement a cost effective Insurance service to their customers.

ICareU is a highly secured cloud based UBI Platform to connect GPS/OBD devices with Vehicles, managing and analyzing driving data, providing BI analytical reports and forecasting the total CarePoints scored by the vehicle to the insurers. Based on the CarePoints’ loyalty score, the insurer can provide competitive advantage across the full insurance value chain to their customer during the renewal period.

Loyalty Bonus – CarePoints

CarePoint is a loyalty program that analyze driving pattern such as driving distance, hard breaking, over speeding, time of day, fast acceleration and hard cornering and award the loyalty bonus points to benefit Insurance Discounts, along with rewards on other value added services.

ECall or BCall

ICareU supports 24/7 service for emergency call [e-call] or breakdown call [b-call] to the consumers. Fast and correct response reduces severity of injuries and save lives up to 20% by automatically contacting the emergency services or breakdown company pinpointing its exact location and the nature of the incident.

Data Analysis – Big Data

BI Tool helps to analyze the driving data, including event and behavior related data, and providing actionable correlations to insurers and consumers for any potential insured loss. This leads to the CarePoint loyalty bonus and reward points and the correlations will be incorporated into the insurers’ underwriting and pricing models.

Theft Recovery

Live tracking cuts the chances of theft on theft-prone vehicles. The GPS in the UBI device tracks a stolen vehicle and increasing the likelihood of recovery.

4 Reasons to Choose iCareU

Less Claim

Increase the market share of Own Damage [OD] up to 80% or comprehensive policy cover and reduce the losses made as part of claim.


Save up to 35% less in premium and loyalty reward points to leverage discounts on Service Center, Fuel Station, Parking Zone and Toll Gates.

High Incentives and Bonus

Drive safely and save money. This gives you a better incentive to drive better rather than when you are stuck with a fixed premium.

Low Carbon Footprint

The ability to monitor how “green” a driver is by measuring the impact of driving behavior leads in decreasing 2% of CO2 emission and 4% of Fuel Consumption.


Provide incentives for behavior that prevents losses, thereby generating value for insurers and consumer throughout the policy year to make insurance more of a proactive, prevention-driven engagement, rather than a reactive, price-driven commodity, that create value for both insurers and consumer while engendering greater loyalty come renewal time.


Premium Discounts

By identifying and analyzing a number of driving behavior pattern progressively to offer premium discounts up to 30% by the insurer.

Profitable Growth

By avoiding ultra-competitive pricing, fraud, claim inflations and other factors have make a potential, profitable growth to all motor insurance companies.

Driving Innovation

Product innovation has become essentials for insurers to respond to changing their customer demand and to remain very competitive.

Time to Adopt UBI

Time to adopt Usage Based Insurance seriously sooner rather than later.


Our services to give a amazing experience for our clients

ICareU is providing insurance companies a better and more accurate way to assess the risks associated with insuring the vehicle. While one driver might prove to be a safer driver than what is to be expected from people sharing his or her demographics, a driver who belongs to “safer” groups might prove to be a bad one.

What’s more, your customers would love the transparency. Insurer increases its insurance premiums based on the past history data by informing their consumer what you are doing wrong and why this is dangerous, hence the reason for the higher premiums. In turn, the driver can correct what he or she is doing wrong in the hopes of getting the premiums back down. Rather than just referring to some vague statistics that may or may not be applicable to the driver in question.

Insurance companies can benefit from getting new customers with the promise of possibly lower insurance premium rates. To attract their existing customer and new customers, the insurer uses CarePoints based on the drivers’ driving pattern and offer 10% to 40% insurance benefits directly to their customers along with Reward points to utilize in other add-on services.

However, insurers are providing incentives for good driving with usage-based insurance. And good driving means less claims.

Claims payouts become lesser up to 40%. Insurers have less claims to process and pay out, enabling them to save more money than the additional premiums they get from traditional insurance.

Insurers would be able to benefit by attracting safe drivers with lower insurance premiums and keeping away the bad drivers with insurance premiums that are more expensive than traditional insurance policies.



Bajaj Allianz General Insurance


Bharti AXA General Insurance


Chola MS General Insurance


Future Generali General Insurance


HDFC ERGO General Insurance


ICICI Lombard General Insurance


IFFCO Tokio General Insurance


L & T General Insurance


National Insurance


New India Assurance


Oriental Insurance


Raheja QBE General Insurance


Reliance General Insurance


Royal Sundaram General Insurance


SBI General Insurance


Shriram General Insurance


Tata AIG General Insurance


United India Insurance


Universal Sompo General Insurance



iCareU Gives Lot of Awesome Benefits

It is possible to get savings of up to 25 percent if you are driving less than 15,000 kilometer annually.

CarePoints loyalty program rewards good driving behavior. If you drive defensively and conscientiously, then you get to save money. This gives you a better incentive to drive better rather than when you are stuck with a fixed premium.

if you want lesser premiums, you might want driving less, biking more, carpooling more and walking more. So in effect, you would be helping the environment, while keeping yourself fit and healthy.

You can gain a driving coach.

The savings you get can be enjoyed immediately. No need to wait for you to renew your insurance coverage.

Value Added Service

Providing immediate feedback on how customers could drive more safely.

Alerting drivers about potentially hazardous road conditions or traffic slowdowns

Facilitating roadside assistance and or claim notification in case of an accident

Locating lost or stolen vehicles

Geo-fencing to allow parents to monitor a teenager’s location and driving behavior (The same service could be offered to those concerned about elderly drivers.)

The ability to monitor how “green” a driver is by measuring the impact of driving behavior on their carbon footprint.

Customer experience is more interactive, competitive, gratifying, and perhaps even fun—certainly not an attribute traditionally associated with insurance.

The points earned could be directly traded not only for traditional insurance benefits, such as lower deductibles or higher limits, but to leverage affinity relationships, such as auto repairs, car washes, detailing, gas discounts, or other perks.


Why ICareU ?

Massively networked, with ubiquitous connectivity throughout the system

Dynamically priced, so as to balance supply and demand

User centered, taking into account users’ needs, priorities, data flows, and dynamic responses to conditions.

Integrated, so that users can move easily from point A to point B, regardless of mode, service provider, or time of day

Reliant on new models of private-public collaboration, which take advantage of the increasingly diverse ecosystem of public, private, and nonprofit entities that are working to meet the less expenses.


Device Features & Specification

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  • iCareU
  • iCareU
  • iCareU

Schedule Management

The beginning and end of the trip based on vehicle starting and stalling, record mileage, fuel consumption, average fuel economy, driving time, speed, fault, data, etc

Travel warning

After the terminal is turned on, real-time monitoring engine operation data, trigger the alarm text, voice, APP alarm inform. Now alarm types are: speed, snap acceleration, deceleration, over speed, driving, parking was not shut down for a long time, water temperature, low voltage, collision, towing, breakdown.

Fuel consumption statistics and analysis

Terminal accurate calculation of fuel consumption, statistical average instantaneous fuel consumption, fuel consumption, the overall fuel consumption, fuel costs, etc.


Supports scanning vehicles OBDII system that analyzes the vehicle OBDII protocol type and automatic identification; Support reading the car OBD all the data, the data flow engine ready test, fault scanning, and clear fault codes, etc.

Working records and analysis

After Terminal is turned on, recording and analysis of engine operating data of each sensor system and alarm inform to abnormal data flow; The whole vehicle supports OBDII data flow can be read, stored in the form of fixed and optional data flow in the local and uploaded to the server.

Driving behavior analysis

Terminals in real time for the engine operating conditions, policing and other data-flow analysis and processing, according to the preset indicator of safe driving and economic driving model, accurate calculations driving behaviour data streams, for abnormal behavior data timely to remind drivers to correct driver's bad driving habits.

Smart alerts

Support voice remind, SMS alerts, APP/platform;Terminal boot and dormancy, travel start and end with voice prompt; Travel alert, collision, towing, low voltage in addition to voice remind also supports text, APP/platform; And support the personalized Settings.

Location service

Built-in GPS positioning module, support LBS auxiliary positioning, accurate, quick positioning, can search internet to inquiry the vehicle location information at any time, and vehicle running track record and playback, support dynamic instrument playback.

Data re-upload

All data is stored locally FLASH priority, when the GSM signal from none to well, the GPS stored in the FLASH, OBDII etc and all data back to the server.

Fireware upgrade

Support for remote and local upgrade, as long as the terminal is in working state, through the remote server upgrade; Local upgrade simply by software and Micro -USB serial port.